winter skin care routine

The weather is getting colder, and my dry skin is becoming even more dry than it already was. Therefore, I had to completely change my skin regimen to fulfill new needs and I also started trying some new products a few months ago. Now that most of the products are empty, I can share all my new information with you!

Cleanser: First, I completely changed my face wash. I have two in my shower for different needs. The first one, which I use everyday day/night is the first aid beauty face cleanser. I tried this because I heard great things about the brand and I was looking for something that was not too harsh for every day use. I finished the tube and I love it. It doesn’t have a scent and is gentle which was great for my skin. As the weather changed, I began to break out more so this helped my skin clear up and keep the break outs from occurring. Next, I plan on trying all the other products in the line.

But, when I do get a breakout or two during that time of the month I use the first aid beauty face wash first then follow-up with the humane benzoyl peroxide face wash. I found out about this product from a girl I follow on instagram and she’s also a blogger so I trusted her opinion and purchased it (I’ll link her below). It is not full of chemicals, is cruelty free as well as paraben and fragrance free. It dries up breakouts quickly due to the high percentage of benzoyl peroxide if you apply it as soon as you feel a breakout forming. I use it to “spot treat” rather than an overall face wash because it has dried my skin out when doing so. Instead of using it as an overall cleanser, I apply it to areas I feel a breakout forming and allow it to dry then rinse.

serums/oils: From my last skin care post, I don’t really use facial oils as much now because like I said my skin is getting desert dry. I needed products that would absorb instantly yet oils sit on my skin for a while and I won’t feel hydrated for a few hours. Yet I still use rosehip oil in combination with a moisturizer if I feel it’s needed. I also began using tamanu oil to make my skin tone even. I’ve read great things about the oil so I apply it about 3-5 times a week to help with my overall skin tone. I don’t use it daily because it is a heavier oil and I don’t want to over hydrate my skin (yes that is a thing).

Moisturizer: Now, I’m not gonna lie I have been a moisturizer collector this fall/winter. I literally am obsessed with finding products that keep moisture. Because my skin is so dry, a lot of products start off moisturizing yet end with my skin feeling even more dry than before. As I age, I want to take care of my skin especially knowing I inherited my bad skin from my dad and there is potential for it to get worse. I added a retinol moisturizer to my regimen to better my skin long-term. Retinol is a great item to add to you skin care, I highly suggest researching it! Aside from that my everyday holy grail moisturizer(s) that I have been using day/night is Belif the true cream, this stuff is heaven in a jar, But paired with laneige moisture cream, they answer all my skin needs. It is not necessary to use both, but I enjoy them together because while they are both moisturizing they make my skin supple and smooth and I like the heavier cream texture of the laneige cream. Since it is colder I am leaning towards more creams to really hydrate and stay hydrated. A great drugstore alternative to these moisturizers that I also sometimes use is the neutrogena hydro boost water gel. Also, I am becoming a K-Beauty junky for skin care. Korean’s are known for their impeccable skin, so I have now branched off into korean beauty products versus american which I will do a blog post on if you would like. I’ve used a few products and I honestly can see why their products are becoming widely available so if you interested in that post let me know 😊

Face masks/Peels: Lastly, some of my favorite masks are the aztec clay with apple cider vinegar. I steam my face for a few minutes before and steam while the mask is on once a week to deep clean. My favorite peel off mask is this egg white mask. I use it when I notice my surface isn’t as smooth. I also branched off into the chemical peels at home just to see if they work. I used the dr. dennis gross peel and while I have not used it everyday like suggested, I do enjoy it. I did notice changes in my skin days after using one treatment. I try not to overwork my skin, so generally mask 1-2 times week and a day that I do not mask I exfoliate with my favorite that I make with is brown sugar and honey.

I know it seems lengthy, but as I get older I want to baby my skin and take care of it as much as I can. I am now the girl who will invest in skin care and get excited about it lol. I’m thinking about taking on a full k-beauty regimen which consists of about 9-11 steps! My 2018 summer goal is to have clear baby skin and abs lol. Let us know in the comments what your favorite products are! I would like to try some of your recommendations.


If you’re looking for natural ways for overall health including external and internal, check out @likeagoddess101 on instagram.

Also the girl I mentioned above for product inspiration is @roselynm on instagram. She also has a blog petite plus one. She focuses on parenting and she is complete mom-goals especially if you’re a millennial mom.

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