This is so long overdue! One of my most asked questions on social media is how did my hair grow out of no where. My hair literally stayed one length for years, no lie years. Then I began to baby it, and ever since my hair grows like unwanted weeds in your backyard lol.

A little background history: My hair was long my entire life, then one year around my 8th grade year, my mom gave me the go ahead to do whatever I wanted to my hair. So, being the young impressionable child I was, I chopped off all my hair into a bob with blonde highlights. (please don’t judge me, NO I will not be posting photos lol). I blame Rihanna but since that big hair cut, my hair had no idea what to do. I was young so my hair was also in the process of thinning out because back then my hair was 3x thicker than it is now; unruly, frizzy and just a complete want to be curly mess. The blonde quickly was dyed black, and I just let my hair grow out. For around 4-5 years my hair remained at a constant length around let’s say bra strap length. While I liked that length, you know what they say, “you always want what you don’t have” so here I was dying for long dark locks! I began my research into hair care which was quickly stopped due to my pregnancy. Yes my pregnancy made my hair grow (not a great deal) but 2 weeks after I gave birth my hair fell out. My close friends literally watched my self esteem disappear as I was shedding hair like a cat. I would shower and the drains clogged, my brushes would be filled with hair every day and my mom hated sweeping all my hair up (I left legit trails of hair). I was depressed and unfortunately they tell you everything except that your hair will literally leave you without permission lol. A bulk of my hair that fell out was the perimeter of my face (go figure) so ponytails and buns were no longer a choice, and the overall density of my hair went from full to thin. At first, I just figured all the new growth from pregnancy was falling out, but when I began to see bald spots I became legit desperate. Here I was back to researching what could I do to grow my hair back and healthier than before. For the first year of Harper’s life I wore extensions but I honestly was too lazy to keep up with it. I realized step one had to be my water intake. Around 2 years ago, I decided to rely solely on water. Every now and then I will give myself juice or soda, but I made a vow to take care of myself and increase my water intake. As of lately I’ve been consuming 3 liters daily 🙂 The water alone is a great step to take for hair growth. It seems obvious, but we forget to drink water because of the “temporary” fix from juices and soda. Consuming a fair amount of water is also how your hair will get that natural healthy shine we all love and adore. Aside from water I figured out how to make my hair grow without vitamins or supplements.

First was my hair care routine. Since I knew my hair was going through it, I decided to leave it alone. I rarely put heat on my hair and would wash it and let it air dry. I think an important part to my hair growth was that I slept with my hair out and 9/10 walked around in loose buns. Tugging on your hair too tightly isn’t the best thing because it’s realistically pulling on your hair so I would always just let my hair breathe. The only time I did my hair was when I had somewhere to go, but even when straightening I only pass over a section 1-2 times. I do not put products in my hair when styling because like I mentioned, I wanted my hair to breathe. Your scalp has all the needed oils to care for your hair which is important. I washed my hair around every 2-3 days yet when doing so, that first time I would wash my hair I used a shampoo and conditioner. I would let my hair get oily and when I went back to wash it I did not use shampoo or conditioner. I would drench my hair and massage the oils from my scalp so that those oils could naturally penetrate the rest of my hair. While shampoo’s and conditioners are great, allowing your natural oils to work throughout your hair can be your best friend. Also, would you believe me if I told you most people do not know how to correctly wash their hair? Well they don’t. Shampoo is strictly for your scalp because putting shampoo on your ends could further dry that hair out. You have to realize that the hair on your scalp is freshly grown and can take more damage where as your ends, usually your split ends or where dryness is, is due to the hair being old so we don’t want to add extra damage. Therefore, conditioner is for your ends. When applying your conditioner to your ends your replenishing moisture to the hair as well as resupplying the lipids and proteins needed yet if you were to apply to it your scalp, you can easily clog the hair follicles which isn’t great for hair growth. Seems like a no brainer, but I kid you not I’ve told so many people this and they never knew lol. Even though my hair is at my desired length, I still wear my natural hair for at least a week every single month! I know we love to style our hair but it’s just not realistic if growth is your goal (in reference to applying heat).

Another fun fact about me is that I don’t go to the hair salon. ever. lol. Which means no I’m not going to sit here and say “for your hair to grow go get a hair cut every 6 weeks”. Every now and then I will wander into the bathroom and see scissors and cut my hair but its more so because I simply just cut off dead/split ends so that they cannot further travel up the hair strand.. I don’t “trim my hair”. So, I can’t tell you the last time I had a actual hair cut. I have your average amount of split ends (fact: even people who don’t torture their hair will have split ends) and like I said I just cut them which is easy to do. But since they cannot be escaped, I know how to seal them 🙂 When I am wearing my natural hair, I drench my hair in aloe vera gel. I apply it to my scalp just for the benefits, then all over my ends. It truly acts as a gel, and because of this it will seal your ends while it dries. When you wash the product out and straighten it (if thats what your going to do) your hair looks like there is no damage at all. My updated length photo is my hair straightened after the aloe vera gel sat in my hair for 1 day.

1) I do not use any specific shampoos or conditioners as long as they are sulfate and paraben free.
2) Your brushes are important. I use a copper brush as well as this one. (I use these on Harper as well)
3) Again, I do not use any products in my hair aside from the aloe vera gel.
4) Sleep with your hair out or in a very loose braid/ponytail!
5) When Brushing your hair, start at the tips making your way up.
6) Do not shampoo every single time you wash your hair, but do apply conditioner to your ends!
7) Be mindful your hair will not grow overnight. It is a true process but can be sped up.
8) Following these steps, my hair grew anywhere from 1-5 inches per month.

Here are some photos for reference of growth over the years.

*do you see that hair loss?*

*if you’re still reading. 1 thing you do not know about me is that I am allergic to boxed hair dye. So, in all my photos my hair appears dark brown/black yet in reality it is brown with hints of reds! & I’m just too lazy to try alternative dyes lol*

Thank you for reading, I hope all these tips work for you! Be patient!!!


One fun fact about me is: I hate getting dressed. Yet, at the same time I love appearing “pulled together”. Obviously that contradicts one another, but I think I somehow mastered to always be under dressed while seeming as if I were dressed at the same time. One of my favorite items that I always opt for is sweatpants. I appreciate my comfort above all things therefore no matter my plans, if sweatpants are allowed it is my number one choice.

My tricks for wearing sweatpants are: 1) If it’s for a night out, I opt for a heel. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people steer clear of the sweatpants and heel trend. The important tip is that it has to be the right shoe. Since sweatpants are more casual and leaning towards athleisure, your shoe must be rather “simple” for lack of better description. I usually go for a plain pump, a form of bootie, or a plain sandal. Shoes that have a lot of details such as straps, or intricate details would distract from the simplicity of your outfit. Opting for a plain shoe to pair with something that others would wear with sneakers creates a comfortable yet trendy look. 2) Also, when attempting to wear sweatpants for a night out, your top is just as important. I usually lean towards a top that is fitting to the festivities. For example: if I were going somewhere casual, I would wear a t-shirt but I am careful to tuck the t-shirt in and cuff the sleeves. If I were to go somewhere less casual, I would opt for a better quality t-shirt of even a “going out” top to balance the sweatpants.

Also, I live in white t-shirts. I literally have a drawer dedicated to all my white t-shirts for easy finding, and sometimes they can get boring but I honestly love a good pair of denim and a white t-shirt so I have some tips as well! If you’ve taken a look at my social media, I am legit a minimalist. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, all my items are neutral in color, and I never wear prints. Like I always say, “remain a classic girl in trendy stuff.” My trendy items are usually my handbags, as well as occasionally a shoe, but for the most part every thing else in my closet will never get old in my eyes. To make white t-shirts look less ordinary, I pair them with cute jackets. I consider myself a jacket/bomber collector, and have them in all materials including silk, satin, vintage Adidas, you name it I probably have it. Something as simple as having a jacket that isn’t basic will make your white t-shirt seem that much more special. My little secret that I also love in the summer to add a some fun to a t-shirt is to wear a bralette. I usually find ones that are lace that way when wearing a v-neck that is low and loose, it’s cute to see colored lace. (I’m also a bralette hoarder lol) This is also the time to have fun with your shoe! A white t-shirt is the perfect opportunity to wear a statement shoe and wear your t-shirts off the shoulder. This is what I usually do since I am more plain, so if I am going to wear something that is more out there, I make these rest of my outfit as plain as can be to create a balance.

Above are photos of some examples of the tips mentioned above. Get your inspiration! Additionally, I wanted to mention must have items that make ANY outfit stylish. A good white sneaker makes everything look nice simply because it adds a contrast. My favorite are the original Stan Smith’s, and on the higher end I love my Gucci sneakers and balenciaga trainers. A white sneaker alone is good to have, the three sneakers mentioned can be worn casually or dressed up which is why they are staples. Also, a good leather jacket is a must. I use to wear mine religiously, so I retired it for the year put it is worth it to have in your closet. Lastly, a handbag that is more structured such as my givenchy antigona can make any outfit seem like your put more effort in. The idea of a structured bag with any outfit will give the look that you are pulled together. I even wear mine with work out clothes some times for errands just so I give “fresh out the gym but not really” vibes. lol!

If you have any questions about specific outfits/items, reach out to me. Also, coming soon are youtube videos to accomodate these blog posts. If you have anything you would like me to cover first, please let me know! Thanks so much & I hope you enjoy the re-branding.

If your still reading: my favorite white t-shirt that I wear 98% of the time is from urban outfitters . It’s the best. Please get yourself one, you won’t regret it.


The weather is getting colder, and my dry skin is becoming even more dry than it already was. Therefore, I had to completely change my skin regimen to fulfill new needs and I also started trying some new products a few months ago. Now that most of the products are empty, I can share all my new information with you!

Cleanser: First, I completely changed my face wash. I have two in my shower for different needs. The first one, which I use everyday day/night is the first aid beauty face cleanser. I tried this because I heard great things about the brand and I was looking for something that was not too harsh for every day use. I finished the tube and I love it. It doesn’t have a scent and is gentle which was great for my skin. As the weather changed, I began to break out more so this helped my skin clear up and keep the break outs from occurring. Next, I plan on trying all the other products in the line.

But, when I do get a breakout or two during that time of the month I use the first aid beauty face wash first then follow-up with the humane benzoyl peroxide face wash. I found out about this product from a girl I follow on instagram and she’s also a blogger so I trusted her opinion and purchased it (I’ll link her below). It is not full of chemicals, is cruelty free as well as paraben and fragrance free. It dries up breakouts quickly due to the high percentage of benzoyl peroxide if you apply it as soon as you feel a breakout forming. I use it to “spot treat” rather than an overall face wash because it has dried my skin out when doing so. Instead of using it as an overall cleanser, I apply it to areas I feel a breakout forming and allow it to dry then rinse.

serums/oils: From my last skin care post, I don’t really use facial oils as much now because like I said my skin is getting desert dry. I needed products that would absorb instantly yet oils sit on my skin for a while and I won’t feel hydrated for a few hours. Yet I still use rosehip oil in combination with a moisturizer if I feel it’s needed. I also began using tamanu oil to make my skin tone even. I’ve read great things about the oil so I apply it about 3-5 times a week to help with my overall skin tone. I don’t use it daily because it is a heavier oil and I don’t want to over hydrate my skin (yes that is a thing).

Moisturizer: Now, I’m not gonna lie I have been a moisturizer collector this fall/winter. I literally am obsessed with finding products that keep moisture. Because my skin is so dry, a lot of products start off moisturizing yet end with my skin feeling even more dry than before. As I age, I want to take care of my skin especially knowing I inherited my bad skin from my dad and there is potential for it to get worse. I added a retinol moisturizer to my regimen to better my skin long-term. Retinol is a great item to add to you skin care, I highly suggest researching it! Aside from that my everyday holy grail moisturizer(s) that I have been using day/night is Belif the true cream, this stuff is heaven in a jar, But paired with laneige moisture cream, they answer all my skin needs. It is not necessary to use both, but I enjoy them together because while they are both moisturizing they make my skin supple and smooth and I like the heavier cream texture of the laneige cream. Since it is colder I am leaning towards more creams to really hydrate and stay hydrated. A great drugstore alternative to these moisturizers that I also sometimes use is the neutrogena hydro boost water gel. Also, I am becoming a K-Beauty junky for skin care. Korean’s are known for their impeccable skin, so I have now branched off into korean beauty products versus american which I will do a blog post on if you would like. I’ve used a few products and I honestly can see why their products are becoming widely available so if you interested in that post let me know 😊

Face masks/Peels: Lastly, some of my favorite masks are the aztec clay with apple cider vinegar. I steam my face for a few minutes before and steam while the mask is on once a week to deep clean. My favorite peel off mask is this egg white mask. I use it when I notice my surface isn’t as smooth. I also branched off into the chemical peels at home just to see if they work. I used the dr. dennis gross peel and while I have not used it everyday like suggested, I do enjoy it. I did notice changes in my skin days after using one treatment. I try not to overwork my skin, so generally mask 1-2 times week and a day that I do not mask I exfoliate with my favorite that I make with is brown sugar and honey.

I know it seems lengthy, but as I get older I want to baby my skin and take care of it as much as I can. I am now the girl who will invest in skin care and get excited about it lol. I’m thinking about taking on a full k-beauty regimen which consists of about 9-11 steps! My 2018 summer goal is to have clear baby skin and abs lol. Let us know in the comments what your favorite products are! I would like to try some of your recommendations.


If you’re looking for natural ways for overall health including external and internal, check out @likeagoddess101 on instagram.

Also the girl I mentioned above for product inspiration is @roselynm on instagram. She also has a blog petite plus one. She focuses on parenting and she is complete mom-goals especially if you’re a millennial mom.

Tell them I sent you!


Are you tired of my Disney posts yet? lol. We just got back from our holiday trip and it was amazing to say the least. As I mentioned in my last post, we have never been this time of year and everything was as if it was the first time. All the parks were decorated in holiday decorations which is my favorite time of year, the parks were playing carols and all of the shows somehow revolved around the holidays. It also was cooler in weather so I enjoyed being comfortable wandering the parks. Lines didn’t seem as bad and days didn’t seem that long because we were comfortable where as in spring/summer months, your mind is on the unbearable heat and nothing else.

Our first day in the parks, we went to Epcot. My last experience at epcot was the worst but this time I enjoyed it. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular park, it’s all about being a world traveler! You get to experience foods unique to places like China, Canada, France and many more with shows and shops. They are known by adults as the park where alcohol is sold literally everywhere. While it is not a park with an abundance of rides, there are some great ones there to make up for it and it is fun to experience different cultures.

Our second day was spent at Magic Kingdom and we also attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It was a night full of shows revolving around the holidays, amazing fireworks, hot chocolate, the best parade I ever saw at Disney and lots of snow. Yes, Disney made it snow multiple times lol.

Our third day was spent at Animal Kingdom, and while it was the least decorative of them all, Pandora and the flight of passage ride makes up for it all. We also did the safari at night time which was a first for us, and it was nice seeing all the animals roam. During the day, the animals are usually doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our yearly photo at the tree of life 😞

Lastly we went to Hollywood Studios. While this is the smallest park, Harper’s favorite show is there which is the frozen ever after show. I was relieved to see that the finale song was not let it go, instead Elsa and Anna sung new songs. They also made it snow (of course). Additionally, there is a new show called Jingle Bell Jingle Bam for the holidays with fireworks and lots of snow as well at closing time to end your night in a festive mood.

Honestly it was magical experiencing the happiest place on earth during the best season of the year. While it’s not quite Christmas, it was a great way to start the season. We loved all of the decorations and new shows that are specifically for this time of year. We have officially been on every ride in all the parks and feel super accomplished as well. If you’ve been to Disney, you know that riding everything in one trip is nearly impossible. Other than that, please enjoy all the photos! Now that we have been during this season where it is festive, I would recommend going during this time of year. Be careful not to book directly around holidays to prevent parks reaching capacity but other than that I say do it! The only downside is, it may be too cool for the pool some days and if your child is like Harper they are still dying to swim even while it is 60 degrees with a blanket and jacket on! Aside from that, Disney is enjoyable any time of the year, because well, its Disney.. lol. Before we end this post, what are your Disney tips and hacks? As well as what is your favorite ride? I’m curious to know how you all get through Disney if you have been 🙂

Happy Holidays to you all as well, thank you so much for being on this journey of blogging with me! I appreciate it so much.


As we get ready to go back to Disney, I wanted to share some of Harper’s outfits with you. This is our first time going where the weather is on the cooler side, which means she can really dress up. In the spring/summer months, the heat is unbearable sometimes, so usually during those trips I go for comfort and function rather than style. Her outfits usually consist of Disney shirts paired with denim shorts/sweat shorts and shoes I know she’ll be able to run around in all day. Yet, this time we’re packing cute outfits with jackets for night-time and even taking some of her princess dresses to wear in the park! This is her first time going while the Christmas decorations are up, so I am treating it like her first time. Meaning, the pictures have to be special lol. After taking her so many times in the spring, I didn’t care what either of us wore, instead I always tried to take photos in the same place for memory sake to show her growth. I’ll link all clothing items in each outfit if still available and will do an updated post with pictures from the trip once we return. If you are new here, reference my conquering disney & universal post for additional deets.

When packing Harper’s suitcase, I of course pack pajamas for each night and double the amount of underwear for her. I map out her outfits before hand according to park/day/weather and usually pack an extra outfit or two if we do a “nice” dinner as well as if she gets her clothes dirty. She’s rather good about keeping her clothes clean (knocks on wood) so sometimes I just change her outfit for the sake of pictures lol.

day 1: airport day 

tshirt: mickey mouse

sweatpants: mickey trousers

denim jacket: two years old

sneakers: stan smiths (gold)

mickey hat: from Magic Kindgom

day 2: first park day

outfit 1: leather jacket: gap (no longer on site)

tshirtmickey b&w

skirtcorduroy skirt

sneakersstan smiths (gold)

outfit 2: sweatshirt: (bought oversized) minnie sweatshirt

shorts: (old)

sneakersstan smiths (gold)

day 3: second park day

outfit 1: tshirtstar wars shirt

shorts: preppy shorts

bomber in header photo: (old from river island)

sneakers: stan smiths

outfit 2: cape: (old by brand cat & jack)

tshirt: (old from target)

jeans: (old from zara)

sneakers: plimsolls

crown headband: (old from h&m)

day 4 & 5: third & fourth park day

outfit 1: sweatshirtsequin sweatshirt

biker shorts: I made them! lol

sneakersstan smiths

outfit 2: dressmickey holiday dress

sneakersstan smiths (gold)

airport must haves:

mickey mouse bookbag: bought in magic kindom

headphones: cat headphones

mickey pillow pet: bought in magic kingdom

& an iPad with downloaded movies of course!

lastly, some tips and tricks for shopping for Disney apparel are:

  1. Stores like gap, old navy, and target always have Disney clothing! Zara has just recently added Disney merchandise; they have a lot for all seasons and sizes.
  2. For little girls, wander into the boy’s section! If you do purchase t-shirts from the boy’s section, size down. Harper is a 3T in girls, yet in boy’s clothing I buy 18 months. Buying smaller makes the shirts look slimmer (like a girl’s shirt would), aren’t as long and by rolling up the sleeves it makes it look cuter!
  3. For toddlers, if something is only sold in big kids,  get it. Harper’s sweatshirts are all from the big kid section at Zara which starts at age 5. I often buy depending on how I plan to style it. For example, the black sweatshirt is a 5. It fit’s a little loose but for a sweatshirt and biker short outfit it’s adorable. Also, the grey sweatshirt is a size 8 but looks adorable put on as a dress with the sleeves folded up. I paired it with shorts just in case it’s a little chilly.
  4. When you do go to Disney, buy merchandise! Her mickey mouse items are high quality and won’t be found in traditional Disney stores. Also, her mickey mouse hat is custom with her name embroidered on the back (keepsake ideas).
  5. Only pack shoes you know your child can tolerate. Disney is not the time or place to break in new shoes.

6. Keep the Disney magic alive and try to incorporate it in every aspect of the trip, even for adults. My favorite part from the trip itself is buying clothes and pajamas so that everything is disney.