meet aja narie: My name is Aja Narie, I’m 21 years old (newly) and a mom to a 3 year old named Harper. I am currently pursuing a psychology degree nearing graduation at a local university. Due to being shy, the only way I can effectively communicate most times is through my clothing. I look at my style as minimal, trendy yet classic at the same time. A lot of people tell me I have a comfort zone in the way I dress, but I am okay with that because I feel like while I may dress safe, my style is classic as well. I began this blog simply as a hobby to communicate with like minded people, but I found myself ready to take on the life of blogging completely thanks to everyone who supports me. While I do not have a set description for this blog, I find myself leaning towards all things lifestyle such as parenting, beauty, and fashion. I want JonesforAja to be somewhere where you can run to when you need answers. Whether it be how to juggle school and parenting, or simply how to establish a closet full of basics that can look not so basic. I want to share all my tips and secrets and life hacks with you so we can all be great together! There is room for every single one of us to win, so please use this platform as a way to learn from others including myself, and I will do the same.


If you require or are simply interested in any further information please head over to the contact page. Thank you!